What Should I Look For During Preventative Maintenance Checks On My Top and Bottom Labeling Equipment?

Utilize this Preventative Maintenance Checklist to properly keep your machine in its best condition.


Label Head

  1. Inspect Dancer Arm Roller as well as the brake ribbon — replace as needed.
  2. Inspect the Felt Pad and Spring tension — replace parts as needed. Make sure felt pad has tension against the fixed roller.
  3. Inspect label press rings to ensure they are on each roller and just above label backing paper. If any are missing order what’s needed.
  4. Inspect the take up reel and J hook. If J hook is missing order from Pack Leader USA. Make sure the clutch is taking up the backing paper with good tension. If not, inspect the felt clutch below the label head plate. Replace as needed or tighten the clutch 1/8 of a turn and retest for tension.
  5. Inspect label sensor making sure no label debris or anything else is inside the label sensor fork. If so clean with a damp rag and remove any debris that would cause interference with the reading of the gap between labels. Inspect the wiring to ensure it has not been compromised and the quick disconnect is seated tightly to the sensor itself and not loose.
  6. Inspect any brushes that might be on the head. If wore out or they are keeping a good deal of memory replace as needed. Pack Leader USA stocks all brushes.
  7. Inspect the peel plate to make sure it is seated tightly, and the bolts are not loose. Clean off any debris that is on the plate itself by using a warm damp cloth, or adhesive remover.
  8. Inspect all timing belts underneath the labeling head plate. If any are worn or missing the teeth replace immediately. When installing make sure each has proper tension by rotation the label head motor on both the PL and PRO Series head.
  9. Inspect PU Roller and make sure there is no cut marks from a knife or any other deterioration. The PU roller should be tight against the Knurled Roller when locked into place. On all heads the kurled roller is on an eccentric shaft meaning it can be adjusted to achieve more tension. When the label backing paper is in between the PU Roller and Knurled Roller it shouldn't be able to slide out by pulling in either direction. If it can slide by pulling the PU roller and Knurled roller are not tight enough against each other. Also inspect bearings to make sure the shafts are moving without any resistance or clicking. Power must be off on the machine to test the PU roller. 


  1. Inspect the motor and gear box to make sure no oil is leaking. Also make sure each is tight and not able to move freely.
  2. Inspect the timing belt from the conveyor motor to the conveyor itself. If it is worn or missing teeth please replace immediately.
  3. Inspect all bearings and shafts, if a bearing is broken or not in original condition replace immediately. If it’s not replaced when broken or worn it will groove the shaft and or the metal housing the bearing.
  4. Inspect the conveyor belt, if it is loose, please follow manual instructions and tighten as needed. If the conveyor belt is damaged or worn out replace immediately.

Control Box

  1. Turn off and unplug the machine. Make sure there is not water or condensation in the control box. Inspect all wiring making sure nothing is pulled out or damaged. Check all fuses and if any are blown replace immediately.

Indexing Wheel

  1. Inspect any wear on the Indexing Wheel. If worn or damaged replace immediately. Inspect all wires feeding the indexing wheel to ensure nothing is damaged. Inspect the motor and gear box to make sure no oil is leaking, and they are tightly seated in its bolted location.
  2. Inspect your Object Sensor making sure the area reading the product is clean and free of any debris that would prevent it from reading accurately. Clean with a damp cloth if needed. Inspect all wiring and verify it is tightly seated and not lose or damaged.


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