PRO-625W Machine Operation

Please follow steps and instruction for machine operation

1A. Plug-in the appropriate power supply voltage.

1B. Turn on the power.

1C. The display will shows as diagram 1.


1D. Press “Enter” to get into next diagram or wait for 3 seconds.

2A. Press “Guide Mode” for showing machine operation instruction.

2B. Press “Setting Mode” for set up machine information and speed.

2C. Press “Memory Mode” for memory setup.


2D. Press “Labeling Mode” to enter diagram 3-1 or wait 5 seconds for next diagram.

2E. Press “Wrap Around ON/OFF” to switch two sides labeling mode and round bottle labeling mode.


3A. Press AUTO LENGTH icon to get in diagram 3-2 to start label length setting. Two ways to setting label length: Auto and Manual length set.


3B. Auto length set: Press the “AUTO LENGTH SET START”, then the label head will slowly pull the label until the finger is released, at the same time, the LCD will show the memory to be set for the length of the label.

3C. Manual length set: Press “AUTO LENGTH SET STOP” to stop auto length set. Keep pressing “LENGTH SET” until the appropriate label length is registered.

NOTE: It is important to turn off the conveyor first before keying in the new settings. Before label length setting please adjust label sensor first.

3D. Turn ON the “CONVEYOR “ and “LABELING” to start labeling process after labeling length set.

3E. Inspect the label is in appropriate position on object. If not, adjusting the object sensor position or press “LABEL PEEL DELAY” icon (when label come-out too early) for appropriate dispense timing.

NOTE: If the data shown on the screen is 0 this means the original position. Adding numbers will delay the dispenser and so it will apply the label a bit to the left.

3F. Regarding the “PRECOUNT SETTING”, input the required number of product need to labeled. The conveyor will stop and the counter will reset to zero automatically when the number of label is attained.

NOTE: If the pre counter is turned on, the pre-count set must have a number on the setting or else the machine will not function.

3G. Turn ON the “Conveyor” to continue labeling.

3H. Press “ SETTING MODE” button to set up speed of conveyor, Missing label set, and speed of printer.


4A. “PEELING SPEED” is able to select 5 to 40 meters of labeling speed. Operator only press “ ”, “ ” to select speed.

4B. Key in value in “MISSING LABEL” for the sensor to detect missing label.

4C. Turn ON the “MISSING LABEL” after key-in of the value in the Missing label set, await the diagram shows on display then function will start.

NOTE: If the missing label set is on, it must not indicate 0. Normally it is set at about 80% of the label length. The machine will stop when there is a missing label on the label roll.

4D. For the “HOT STAMP PRINTER” icon, turn ON only when using printer. Press “HOT STAMP PRINTER” icon for setting the required printing speed.

NOTE: Printer speed setting, if the setting is long the speed will be slow. It depends on the transfer speed the ribbon can tolerate. In setting the printing speed timing, the main consideration is the ribbon’s transfer speed.


5A. For label sensor setting: Move the base paper between two labels into label sensor slit then press ”START” sensor will search the label automatically, till the screen show COMPLETE is done. Then press “LAST PAGE” back to main screen.

NOTE: Label sensor can save (Max restore 30 slots), even operator change different label only need to load the last setting from machine. Operator does not need to re-set in the machine.
6A. Memory store and read function; to save the present setting to the memory slots, go to the main menu and select memory. Press save and assign a valid memory slot 0-30 to save the data. To recall press read and the slot number, this will automatically load the data to the PLC.

6B. Label length, position delay, batch counter/on/ off, printer speed/on/off, missing label on/off, and conveyor speed are saved and loaded as a set of parameters in each slot of memory.