PL-221 Safety Regulations

Ensure you keep your machine safe.



  • Make sure the power is connected to the correct power source • Adjust machine to the specified product range
  • Adjust the height of label applicator to the appropriate position
  • Adjust the guide rails according to the width of the product
  • Adjust the object sensor to the correct position
  • Adjust label sensor to the proper setting
  • Make sure the conveyor is clear of extra objects
  • Adjust separator wheel to accommodate the width of the product


1. Be sure hands are completely dry before inserting the plug into the outlet. Especially, in the food industries or in wet environments.


2. Do not put hands or fingers on the inner tube when adjusting the height of the foot stand. Immediately lift up the conveyor if hands or fingers get trapped.

3. Beware of your clothes, hair, gloves or anything loose when the machine is turned on, as these can be easily caught in the conveyor or running roller that may cause injury.

4. Do not touch the conveyor, roller or paper receive axis when machine is running.