PL-221 Label Will Not Stick On Product

Solutions to the label not sticking on the product


A. Label comes out too late

1. Decrease the value of the label peel delay. If value is set to 0 move the physical location of the object sensor to the left.

B. Label does not dispense smoothly

1. Check whether the PU drive roller with a lock in the label applicator is locked. If not, lock it. If labels still do not dispense smoothly when locked, check if PU drive roller is locked too tightly by turning the PU drive roller. If not, loosen the screw in the lock of the PU drive roller and adjust backwards slowly until it is tight enough when you lock it again.

C. Stepping motor

1. If stepping motor is not running properly, check the wires, belt and other spare parts to see if they are damaged.

2. Replace stepping motor if defective. 

D. Product & label

1. Check whether the product surface is too wet or slippery or label has incorrect adhesive.